• Art of Healing

    Dr. Judith Aartsma

    Integration of modern scientific medicine and wisdom of traditional healing systems is the way to approach health and healing in the 21st century. Modern and traditional healing systems can greatly complement each other.

Welcome to Art of Healing

Welcome to Art of Healing

Dr. Judith is a medical doctor who integrates the science of modern medicine with the timeless wisdom of natural, mainly Eastern healing systems (Ayurveda, TCM, naturopathy).

She worked for several years as a modern medicine physician in occupational health and community health for youth, in The Netherlands, before moving full time into the practice of Integrative Medicine with focus on Ayurveda.

Her approach is personal and natural whenever possible. Adjusting personal nutrition and lifestyle is fundamental in her integrative approach, and when needed natural therapies are applied.

True Healing is an Art

Knowledge of Body, Mind and Spirit and the ways of Nature is important and helps to set off on a journey of self-discovery and uncover the self-healing potential that is present in every being. Knowledge alone is not sufficient though. It requires a deep personal journey and intimate connection with Self to reach true health.

Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine

Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine

A story about Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine will arrive here soon

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