Art of Healing

Art of Healing

Here the stories are about the Art of Healing. First we will look at what makes healing an art.

Then we explore a few of the many many ways and tools for the journey towards optimal health (whatever that may be in your situation)

In the course of time these ways and tools will make a roadmap. In the form of a book perhaps? Or simply a valuable collection of insights and practices with we we may support our body and mind to function to the best of their ability.

Enjoy the journey with Art of Healing.


What makes healing an art?

True Healing is an Art. Practicing medicine is an Art too.

“Art” as defined by Merriam Webster is:

  • a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.
  • the conscious use of skill and creative imagination
  • a skillful plan

We recognize this for example in the term “martial arts”, whereby the path towards perfecting oneself in this art goes through deep study and practice of philosophy; of the way the body works, of the way combat works, and with the addition of strong discipline and training in not only the physical, but also the energetic, mental and spiritual fields. And not only the direct martial skills, but also in other disciplines such as the social, the scientific and the field of fine arts. With the understanding that they all go together, that there is an interconnectedness in everything. And this is all aimed at reaching the peak of one’s capacities.

Just like that, the Art of healing and the Art of medicine are deep and integrative. Knowledge of Body, Mind and Spirit and the ways of Nature is important and helps to set off on a journey of self-discovery and uncover the self-healing potential that is present in every being. Knowledge alone is not sufficient though. It requires a deep personal journey and intimate connection with Self to reach true health.

This journey is the journey into Remembrance. Remembering who we truly are.

And it is not random and chaotic. It works with a “skillful plan”. One that sounds, feels, looks, tastes and smells different for everyone.

For this, we firstly need to acquire knowledge and skill. The ancient wise people required knowledge by deep study of nature and how she functions. Through trained, sharpened senses, use of logic and also through deep meditation and intuition (a calm, yet sharp intellect goes hand in hand with a peaceful and grounded mind and a deep trust) they discovered the eternal natural laws by which all of creation functions. And through this knowledge they learned how health and vitality could be built and maintained, and how this “how to” is embedded in the natural laws, yet works out differently in every individual being.

This knowledge and wisdom has been handed down from generation to generation of healers and physicians, through scriptures and master-student relationship. The most ancient written knowledge of life, nature and medicine still exists, after many centuries of experience and experiment, and is called Ayurveda. It became a highly developed system of medicine and spread all over the world. Being rooted in the eternal natural laws it easily adapted to place, time and culture, and other health systems developed out of it. Therefor Ayurveda is known as the mother of all health sciences.

Not only is Ayurveda (and the systems that sprung forth out of it), a system of medicine and the field of physicians. It also became part of the heritage of all people as well, deeply embedded in the daily life of tribes and people all over the world. These healing systems and their knowledge of daily living in harmony, ultimately come so natural to all who know how to tune into it. And where we have forgotten, where we tuned out and disconnected (the disastrous consequences of which we see all over the world nowadays), the Art of healing and medicine, can help us to remember and reconnect.

However, re-membering who we truly are is not reached by knowledge alone. The senses, inner and outer, and the mind, bring us much, and if used properly (such a great requirement on the journey to health!), can guide us to great discipline and discovery.

Yet, there is one more step to take: this is the step towards that which the logic mind cannot ever completely reach, or even describe. It is the incomprehensible which requires another kind of “experience, study, or observation.” This can only be can be approached through intuition and through the Heart. Through play, through singing, through dancing, through stories, through connection, yes, through devotion itself. And when all of this leads to an opening of the Heart that leap is taken into that which is unknown to our minds, long forgotten, yet it is known only by the true Self within. This is where the true Doctor, Healer, Alchemist is seated. And it is in the connection with Him / Her that real healing happens.

Isn’t that truly a miraculous journey?

This why healing is an Art.

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